About Us – Fairway


About Us

Our Vision

To lead the hospitality industry in Uganda with our personalized services designed to sculpt a memorable experience and enliven the senses of our guests.

Our Mission

  • To deliver exceptional hospitality, at a great value, through our warm and friendly team that strives to create a “home away from home” for our guests.
  • To understand and anticipate the needs of our guests, in order to provide the finest personal service and facilities to inspire guests to connect with our brand.
  • To extend genuine care to our guests, and ensure their comfort by holding true to our family values of quality,excellence, and honesty while offering our signature Ugandan hospitality.

Our Values

We fuse tradition with steady development in the most up-to-date services, corresponding to the modern-day requirements for luxury/functionality, lifestyle, and individuality of the sensitive

At its core, we hold the following values and beliefs:

  • Exceptional Service – We understand that the value can be created with every encounter and this is reflected in our superior standard of service.
  • Integrity – We are honest and straightforward in our interactions with our guests, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.
  • Respect – We respect the objectives of our stakeholders, the values of our guests, and the cultural difference in all our operations.
  • Teamwork and Passion – We are devoted to what we do and bring our individual expertise and creativity together, because the difference between success and failure is a great team.
  • Continuous Improvement – We are innovative and utilize best practices to continually improve our management techniques, and the quality of our services.

Our Story


Fairway Hotel & Spa is a family-owned hotel constructed in 1969 to host Pope John I for his first Papal visit to Africa. The building has survived multiple uses throughout the years, retaining its detailed beauty and elegance.

Originally, it was residential home belonging to the Bandali family. The Current owner was taught to treat his staff with the same respect he would expect them to show guests. This mindset is reflected in every aspect of the Hotels experience, where guests can enjoy luxury stays without luxury prices in historic Kampala.

fairway-todayFairway Hotel & Spa has transported this historical building into the 21st Century with a recent renovation included full updates to the rooms while leaving intact the elegance of its 1969 details. To take yourself back in time a few decades, be sure to pay attention to the ornate carvings, symmetric bay windows and elegant entryway. The hotel has been updated to provide modern comforts in an authentic historical setting.

Three generations of management have transformed the hotel, while maintaining its family values of Quality, excellence and honesty. Fairway Hotel is often described by our regular guests as “home away from home”. Providing exceptional customer service is our priority and we are always happy to assist with personal requests. We strive to exceed customer expectations and excite them by constantly changing the way we offer services.